resumo da vida actual de x:

- are you alive?
- alive but without a life.

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João disse...

- Are you alive?
- What do you mean?
- Alive.
- You mean if I eat and sleep and go to work?
- What do you mean? Is that a life?
- Excuse me, I´ve asked first?
- What?
- What, what?
- Are you trying to confuse me? I have something else to do, you know? I have a life.
- Great. What do you do? I mean what´s your job?
- I a sorry but we are not having a conversation here.
- Hummmmm. Please relax, do not get angry.
- I am not angry. I´m just …
- Tired? You should go off more often, you know, feeling alive.
- No, I´m not tired I´m just trying to establish a dialogue but you get in my nerves…
- You see, you are angry. That´s bad for your heart.
- You have nothing to do with my heart. I want you to …
- Please, do not go in that direction.
- What direction?
- You know, insulting me. But why are you always asking me questions?
- You asked the first question, not me.
- What question? About being alive?
- No, you asked first.
- But, yes.
- Yes what?
- You see, you are always asking questions?
- Because I´m trying to establish a conversation here.
- I said that. Why are you repeating me?
- You see, you are always asking questions too.
- I´m confused now.
- You are tired.
- Yes, you too.
João L.

x disse...

quite similar indeed! :D